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A differentiated digital content strategy and client experience is crucial for midsize firms, especially if another COVID variant ruins their in-person business development plans.

Jennifer JohnsonIn a article authored by Dan Roe, Calibrate Founder and CEO Jennifer Johnson provides commentary on firms’ approaches to digital business development and client relationship management amid a highly saturated digital content era.

“There’s a lot more intentionality around, ‘How do I keep connecting with my clients?’”

Johnson noted roughly 60% of the law firm marketing open positions she has seen recently are for new positions that will boost headcount, rather than backfill roles after marketers quit. Pre-pandemic, that figure hovered around 20%.

The article goes on to discuss the overwhelming abundance of digital content and the various methods firms are currently utilizing to align content categories with the correct platforms.

Johnson said among her clientele, midsize firms are fighting newsletter and overall content fatigue by segmenting and customizing content for different audiences. Retail fashion may be more active on Twitter, she said, while bankruptcy content might do better elsewhere.

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