Talent Management Consulting Analyst

Sophia partners with key stakeholders to embrace, develop, and implement holistic talent strategies that will fuel their firm’s success.

Talent Management Expertise

Prior to joining Calibrate, Sophia worked in Operations for an app-based tech start up helping manufacturing and logistics leaders view flexible labor as an asset. In this role, Sophia was responsible for onboarding and training users on both sides of the marketplace and creating strategies to optimize user experience. While receiving her master’s from Ball State University, Sophia was an undergraduate Instructor and Assistant Course Director where she developed, designed, and implemented professional development and training sessions for an Am Law100 firm as well as higher education programs.

Sophia’s education and professional experiences have allowed her to value learner-centered performance-based approaches for adult learners while capitalizing on the valuable and unique experiences of each individual. Sophia is passionate about designing and delivering ambitious Talent development strategies for employee growth, curating experiences that create space for informal, organic, and self-directed learning, and helping others feel engaged in their work through continuous education opportunities.


Sophia has a master’s degree in Organizational and Professional Communication Development from Ball State University as well as a bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communication with a minor in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University. She currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her cat, Mr. Frank.