Senior Coordinator, Executive Search

Mary assists with research, coordination, and project collaboration throughout the life cycle of the recruiting process for candidates and law firm clients.

Collaborative Analyst

Mary has worked in a variety of professional environments with a diverse array of government agencies including NASA and the EPA. Having spent time as an analyst collecting and studying data, collaborating with team members, and organizing various research projects, she brings vital skills to Calibrate’s team. Additionally, her experience has equipped her with a specific and unique insight into the importance of business diversity and inclusion in today’s professional workplace.

Most importantly, Mary believes the keys to growth in a business and their employees are innovative resourcefulness, consistent integrity in ideals, and progressive curiosity and she is determined to seek out business professionals for Calibrate’s clients who match that vision.


Mary graduated with a bachelor’s of science and a bachelor’s of arts in Geography with an emphasis in Environment Science and Urban Studies from the University of Georgia while also earning her GIS certificate. She currently lives in Southern Oregon with her fiancé and her rescue dog, Duke.