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Successful Talent Leaders leverage a value-driven framework to design and inspire your firm’s Talent to amplify firm sustainability and high performance.

Effective Talent leaders make their workforce a strategic asset. They inspire your firm’s people and build strong, engaged teams. They raise the performance bar with every Talent decision made. They recognize exceptional Talent and use their skills to develop leaders and coach others. With experience leading transformational change across all areas of HR and Talent, Calibrate can partner with you to establish and enhance your firm’s Talent Leadership capability.

Strategic Talent Leaders

With the right Talent leader in place, Calibrate partners with law firms to develop a value-driven Talent strategy and build consensus among your leadership team on what is the firm’s talent management philosophy.

Talent Leadership Function:
  •  Understands your firm’s business, market, and competition to prepare leadership navigation through the future of work.
  • Implements a strong Talent Management strategy to equip your business services teams to amplify the firm’s success through strategic, rather than transactional, partnership.
  • Develops the right leaders, with the right skills to drive long-term sustainable growth, while enabling a high-performing workforce.
  • Identifies your firm’s current employee’s untapped potential to help them grow their skills to fulfill the talent needs of the firm.

Creating Employee Value Proposition Improves Retention

What is the best path to reducing attrition rate and attracting the talent you need? Calibrate Managing Director Haley Revel speaks to the power of creating an Employee Value Proposition.


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