Talent Operations

Create an optimized, high-performance business services team for your law firm.

Calibrate can help your law firm achieve operational excellence by optimizing your people, processes and technology.

Gain clarity on the real Talent issues your law firm needs to solve in order to excel.

Create the metrics, KPIs and reports to measure your law firms’ Talent and business operations.

Take action to optimize your people, processes and performance.

Talent Management

Bridging the Gap: Assessing HR/Talent Operations in the Legal Industry

This year we set forth to build a picture of the progress the legal industry has made in adopting HR/Talent…
Talent Management

Raising the Bar on Legal Marketing Hiring

For at least 10 years, legal marketers have been making a deliberate and concerted effort to raise the bar and…
Talent Management

Elevating Your Team Through Performance Feedback

Few professionals welcome the advent of a performance review. When that time approaches, we prepare for the worst, despite the…