Careers with Calibrate

COO, Marketing executives, business development for top law firms
Welcome to Calibrate, where we are passionate about working with Revenue Enablers™ who can positively impact the success of today’s law firms.

At Calibrate, our focus is on law firms, and helping them optimize business services positions.  More then ever, law firms understand that they need to build a strong team of talented business services professionals who help lawyers drive bottom-line results and long-term success.

Assembling a top-flight team of professionals is also critical to our own success. We apply the same care and concern to identifying and retaining Calibrate associates as we do our clients. Great expectations breed great results!

For our team, we’re looking for professionals who have already been successful in their chosen fields, and are looking to apply their skills to the challenge of finding people who can solve business problems for law firms.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked as a recruiter or consultant before – it’s our job to teach you how to be successful in this demanding field.  As a Calibrate team member you’ll have access to an industry-leading training curriculum that will help you leverage your skills into a new career.

Interested?  Let’s have a conversation about a career with Calibrate.