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It’s time to usher in a more enlightened view of legal staffing. To us, the best law firm business professionals are Revenue EnablersTM, impact players who move firms forward and deftly manage the business of law so attorneys can focus on their practice.

Nearly 80 percent of law firms say they experience revenue volatility. It’s more important than ever to recruit, retain, and empower the business professionals who will drive innovation and sustainable growth. Our clients understand the value Revenue EnablersTM provide, and we connect them with exceptional candidates who will contribute at both the top and bottom lines.

Calibrate helps clients improve their people, processes, and performance to deliver demonstrable value. Together, we are changing the conversation around business services roles to an approach focused on mutual respect – and unparalleled ROI.

For law firms

What if…

You were able to prove how each administrative program creates value for your firm?

You were confident that your staff was spending their time on the highest-value projects?

You could credibly demonstrate your staff’s contribution to the firm’s revenue?

For candidates

Are you ready to answer…

Are you able to prove how each program creates value for the firm?

Do you know what percentage of your spend is directed at the most important clients?

Has your team demonstrated any improvements in efficiency over the last three years?

Recalibrating from “Non-Lawyer” to Revenue Enabler

Calibrate is shifting the collective perspective by helping business professionals and their law firms thrive through:

  • Operational excellence
  • Opportunity spotting
  • Measuring impact
  • Proactive reporting
  • Change management
  • Intrapraneurship
  • Market analysis

What do we look for in a Revenue Enabler?

  • Values outside perspectives
  • Aims for progress vs. security
  • Possesses high “EQ”
  • Educates others
  • Runs department like a business

What can a firm expect from a Revenue Enabler?

  • Uncovers what is ineffective and fixes it
  • Captures and shares relevant data
  • Tracks revenue generated by their work and its cost – including staff time and expenditures
  • Offers insights based on data and research
  • Proactively reports on personal performance
  • Maintains ongoing department scorecard
  • Leverages professional memberships to sharpen their skills and the team’s
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