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Implementing a major process, technology or cultural change in a law firm presents a difficult challenge. In the conservative law firm world, far too many well-intentioned projects fail to achieve their goals due to lack of uptake and adoption by attorneys.

That’s why Calibrate now offers Change Management services in partnership with Turner Change Management Inc., a leading change consultancy with deep law firm experience. We can help your firm create capacity and capability for leading change initiatives.

Our Change Management Solutions Include…

Performance, Productivity and Possibility: A Course for Law Firm Leaders

Law firms are currently undergoing radical change. First the shift to virtual and now to a hybrid environment. There is a new era of young lawyers joining the firm, and new technologies within and outside of the firms. All this raises the risk of change fatigue and that your firm will be left behind. Become a change-ready law firm and make change a competitive advantage.

Introduction to Change Management Course

This one-day course can help your key stakeholders understand the nature of change and its impact on your organization and people. In the course, we introduce the cycle of change and how to use it to support a change initiative. We cover 10 easy rules to help you and your employees manage change better. And we explore techniques to implement the rules and avoid resistance to change.

Stress Management for Organizational Change Course

This online program is available to individuals and teams who are affected by a change program. In five weekly one-hour sessions, we focus on keys to increasing personal change readiness. The course helps participants to maintain a sense of stability during any type of organizational change and experience higher levels of personal resilience.

Quick Start Program

This workshop is ideal for a department or team of marketers charged with implementing a major project that requires behavioral change. It can also help reinvigorate a project that is failing due to change resistance. Led by expert facilitators, the workshop is designed to equip your team with the foundation they need to set up any change for success. Workshop participants typically leave the session feeling highly engaged and with a sense of personal responsibility for the outcome.

Project-Based Change Support

We offer customized change management services as an optional enhancement to any consulting project. Your team will benefit from a detailed analysis of change considerations associated with the project, and a change management plan with specific interventions designed for your firm.

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