Candidate FAQs

What does this process look like?

The first step: Reach out to one of our consultants. From there, we’ll set up a time to hear more about your career history, professional goals and what kind of work most interests you.

We believe genuine job satisfaction is about more than just the work; it’s about culture and personality as well. We will seek your candid input on the types of environments in which you do (and do not) thrive and what you need to stay on your upward trajectory.

If you match well with one of our listings and upon receiving your permission, we will present your background to the hiring firm and counsel you through the interview process. This means we are your advocate to the firm, and we will prepare you for each interview, coordinate all scheduling logistics and handle all offer discussions.

How do you determine what makes a “good fit”?

We are confident in assessing two-way compatibility because we’ve lived it. Most members of our recruiting team worked in law firms before joining Calibrate Legal; we understand firsthand the internal dynamics of law firm culture and how that can impact the success of any potential placement.

The best matches factor in both talent and personality. We rely on our conversations with you and knowledge of our clients’ needs to determine where mutual success can flourish.

What’s a Revenue Enabler?

Calibrate Legal has pioneered the concept of the Revenue Enabler: We want to change the conversation about “non-lawyers” to focus on the true value that business professionals bring to their law firms. Revenue Enablers work in tandem with Revenue Producers – i.e., timekeepers – to achieve sustainable growth and advance the strategies of law firm leadership.

You can learn more about the Revenue Enabler movement – and see the traits we look for – here.

I’m happy in my current job, but would be interested in hearing more and brainstorming about my long-term career path. Would a consultant still take time to talk with me?

Absolutely. You do not need to be looking for a new job to reach out to us. Discussing the legal landscape and making new connections are at the heart of what we do every day. We welcome conversations that allow us the chance to do both, and we are genuinely interested in hearing from colleagues in and outside the legal community.

Sometimes the right opportunity is still years away, but expanding your network could be the step that eventually leads to your next great job.

I currently work outside of the legal industry but am interested in learning more about it. Would Calibrate Legal recruiters have time to talk with me?

Certainly. As the legal landscape changes, so does the composition of law firm departments. New specialized roles have emerged in areas such as data analysis, RFP coordination, creative services, marketing technology, innovation, pricing and more. Concepts from outside the traditional law firm models are generating significant competitive advantages, so we welcome the chance to connect with talented individuals outside the industry.

How can I be sure that any conversations we have will be kept in confidence?

We understand that talking to a recruiter can feel risky. Your trust is paramount when it comes to doing our job well, so rest assured that all conversations you have with us – whether in person, on the phone or by email – will remain in the strictest of confidence.

We have earned a reputation in our market as discreet and trusted advisers. It’s not a reputation we would do anything to compromise.

How can I be sure you have my best interests in mind?

Our ultimate goal is to place candidates in jobs that challenge and fulfill them. If we find a role that fosters your success, we consider it a victory. There is no benefit to anyone if a placement doesn’t last, so we would never push you into a role that wasn’t a good fit, and we would be happy to talk through the reasons a particular position may not match.

When the right opportunity surfaces, we’ll be there to help you see it through.

How is your approach different from other recruiters?

Our mission is to find the best business talent for our outstanding law firm clients. For experienced professional searches, we work on an exclusive basis, meaning we will always be the only recruiter or search firm working on our roles.

What this means for you: You can leverage our in-depth knowledge about the role, the team and the firm. Our work is neither transactional nor “quick fix”: It’s a long-term partnership that helps both you and the firm find the right match. This is a point of distinction for us, and we will never change this model.

Clients trust Calibrate Legal to find the best talent because we’ve been on the law firm front lines ourselves. We understand the pivotal role business professionals play in the growth and security of their law firms, and we want to help candidates and clients alike make decisions that foster their long-term success.