Leadership Advisory

Build and execute on your firm’s vision.

Calibrate is an experienced and trusted resource for your law firm’s leadership team. Put the power of our advisory services to work for your vision.

Build a vision for your firm’s future, create goals and objectives to achieve it, and build the infrastructure to support it.

Drive optimal outcomes by setting expectations and measuring performance — across your firm.

Develop competitive partner and leader compensation structures that stay aligned with firm goals.

One of our key roles is to help law firm leaders create stability in a time of tremendous change.

Shave up to three months off of your new leader’s onboarding period – saving your firm valuable time and money.

Firm Leadership/Governance

Performance, Productivity and Possibility

Law firms are currently undergoing radical change. First the shift to virtual and now to a hybrid environment. There is…
Firm Leadership/Governance

Strategic Planning Guidelines to Drive Strategic Alignment

In a recent edition of Law Practice Today, David Schaefer provides strategic planning guidelines to aid law firm leaders in…
Firm Leadership/Governance

Post-Pandemic Office Strategies

In order to avoid alienating or confusing attorneys and staff, firms need to consider their audience and tailor their messaging…

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Law Prohibits

Mass. Law Prohibits Employers from Asking Salary History

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