Our Story

Helping our clients achieve operational excellence

From our roots as an executive search firm to our role today as a provider of a full suite of consulting services, Calibrate’s mission has always been the same: to help our clients achieve operational excellence by optimizing people, processes, and performance.



After six years inside an Am Law 100 firm, focused on both attorney recruiting and marketing/business development, Jennifer Johnson made the transition into executive search and, in 2011, founded J. Johnson Executive Search. The firm’s deep experience and unmatched network offered clients a competitive advantage in their human capital investments.


J. Johnson Executive Search was rebranded as Calibrate Legal to reflect the firm’s expanded scope of consulting and advisory services. Calibrate soon grew to 8 employees, each offering clients personal experience gained in the professional services sector. Calibrate Legal became known for providing exceptional support and client service while delivering industry-leading strategy and executive search services. Calibrate Legal also pioneered the Revenue Enabler™ movement, dedicated to valuing and identifying professionals who drive law firm success, and eliminating the “non-lawyer” phrase and mentality.


Calibrate Strategies, a subsidiary of Calibrate Legal launched, offering consulting services focused on helping law firm marketing and business development teams realize their full potential. The four-person team of advisers and consultants partnered with clients to optimize their marketing technology, processes, and talent to improve performance and drive success.


Calibrate Legal and Calibrate Strategies have merged into Calibrate – the go-to consultancy focused on helping law firms achieve operational excellence. Calibrate integrates both the executive search services that form our roots, as well as the operational consulting that law firms need to succeed today and prepare for tomorrow. Law firms around the world rely on Calibrate to spot issues, address challenges, and seize opportunities. Our diverse, experienced team of nearly 20 professionals provides the strategies and support our clients need to achieve their most critical business objectives.