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A well crafted Talent strategy provides a framework for making tough decisions about the future of your law firm’s Talent.

With deep experience leading law firms and advising law firm leaders, Calibrate can help you develop a clear picture of where your Talent Strategy is today, develop a vision for the future, and build a strategic roadmap to help you implement successfully.

Building a Framework for Success

A strong Talent strategy will amplify or even transform certain aspects of the day-to-day leadership and employee experience within your firm. By optimizing the structure of business service teams, your firm will excel as a high-performing business and leading Talent competitor. Through an effective Talent strategy, your firm’s greatest asset – the people – will develop, grow, and succeed with effective HR systems placed to support Talent Management processes and streamline the employee experience.

Our approach includes:
  • Researching to clarify understanding and alignment of the Talent operational structure to your firm’s business strategy
  • Identifying key roles that have the biggest impact on operating metrics and defining their success profiles and competencies with precision
  • Using data-driven approaches to inform future talent decisions
  • Facilitation with your leadership team and partners, to help build consensus on where you want to go
  • Change Management – including communications, training, and execution support


What is your firm's purpose, or reason for being? How does your Talent align to that purpose?


What is your willed future for your firm and your Talent?


What are your firm's unchanging beliefs for the business and the people?

Strategic Plan

How will you move towards the vision?


What human, financial, technology and other resources must be in place?

Candidate-Centric Approach Leads to Effective Hiring

What difference can a candidate-centric approach make? Calibrate Managing Director Haley Revel speaks to the importance of signature moments.


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