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The Challenge

A law firm, in need of a new Paralegal, found that they could attract a pipeline of qualified candidates to see through the process to an offer resulting in months before the position is filled by a qualified professional. By stepping back to look at the overarching process and collect feedback from those recently hired, they learned that the application process is cumbersome, the flow of communication through the process left candidates unclear about next steps and timing, and many teetered on the edge of forming a negative impression of the firm. It was clear that the firm required a better recruiting strategy; one that is grounded in a candidate-centric approach fueled by technology. The result was a faster hire rate of qualified candidates as well as a positive and polished image of the firm in the market.

Calibrate’s Solution

Calibrate collaborates with clients to develop a candidate-centric approach by first identifying signature moments in the recruiting process – the critical experiences and interactions a person has across their lifecycle as a candidate.  These signature moments strongly influence a candidate’s attraction to a firm, shape their experience, and impact their overall connection to the value proposition of the firm. To do so, Calibrate:

  • Mapped the candidate lifecycle and corresponding touchpoints
  • Assessed the recruiting technology stack and established improvements to the existing online application experience
  • Created protocol for internal candidate management including crafting metrics to ensure correspondence and clarity of application status
  • Leveraged available self-service resources for candidates to learn more about the firm
  • Developed welcoming collateral to better prepare candidates for their interview experience
Let’s Connect

To learn more about how Calibrate can help you develop a candidate-centric approach that improves the candidate experience as well as the hire rate of qualified candidates, please reach out to Haley Revel, Managing Director at Calibrate.

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