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Partnering with Calibrate to place impact players at your firm reduces your true cost of placement.

Our seasoned recruiters, many of whom have held senior roles inside of law firms, have a proven track record of success in finding the best-fit talent, possessing the expertise (IQ) and soft skills (EQ) required for the given role as well as an alignment with the firm’s unique culture. Utilizing our executive search practice provides:

Extensive Market Knowledge

We access a huge talent pool of experienced law firm Revenue Enablers — which allows us to source a slate of qualified candidates much more quickly than any internal team.

Efficiency and Expertise

Recruiting Revenue Enablers is our core business, and we have refined our processes to do it effectively. Through tight communication and laser focus on your assignments, our team can literally shave weeks off your hiring process.

Our team typically completes a search for a mid-level role in nine weeks or less (from initial briefing session to candidate start date with client).  Clients tell us that similar searches may require up to 17 weeks of staff time if handled internally.

Even with our recruiting fees included, we estimate your firm will save up to 33% in total cost of placement by choosing Calibrate for your next role.

In addition to the hard cost, there are several soft costs that a search with Calibrate alleviates including:

  • The revenue of opportunity lost while a position goes unfilled
  • Other work being put on hold in order to triage the open position

Your team’s time is valuable. Allow them to devote their efforts to the firm’s success while we find top-talent to fill your role, all while lowering the true cost of placement.

Jennifer Johnson
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Interested in learning more about the benefits of conducting a search with Calibrate? Please reach out to Jennifer Johnson, Founder and CEO of Calibrate.