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The Challenge

A firm has realized that a high attrition rate is costing them exponentially and the war for talent is not allowing them to fill positions as quickly as they are used to. In search of a fresh perspective, they desired to create a strong employee value proposition (EVP) strategy that could be used when marketing the firm to new candidates and carried through when a new employee starts with the firm through their entire lifecycle. This thoughtful continuity created higher retention rates resulting in lowering costs in the hiring process.

Calibrate’s Solution

Calibrate partners with clients to develop a strong EVP strategy by implementing the following:

  • Improving the speed of the recruiting process – the best candidates are not waiting around while countless committees meet, and individual players are locked into a months-long trial. Recruiting processes and systems must move as fast as the world moves outside of the firm. Candidates want to know that firm leadership can make a decision, quickly and with certainty
  • Focusing on the Employee Experience – flipping the mindset by treating employees like you would a client and, infusing a sense of purpose into the experience that taps into personal and professional needs
  • Tuning into Employee Engagement – many firms assume that once they have hired the best of the best, their job is done. Not acknowledging that what separates top employees from the rest of the pack is a fatal flaw. These professionals require constant motivation, engagement, and encouragement to stay engaged
  • Modeling a pipeline for proactive role planning – Consider the recruitment process both short and long-term to anticipate needs and become a strategic advisor

By rethinking ways of recruiting and becoming sensitive to the personal and professional needs of its current and future employees, Calibrate helps firms develop a strong employee value proposition strategy that leads to improved retention, positive talent metrics and successful hiring outcomes.

Let’s Connect

To learn more about how Calibrate can help you develop an employee value proposition (EVP) strategy that will generate higher retention rates and successful hiring outcomes, please reach out to Haley Revel, Managing Director of HR & Talent Management at Calibrate.

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