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A fragmented technology stack can cause a host of business problems for law firms: inefficient workflow, low-quality data, lack of lawyer acceptance, low ROI on technology spend, and inability to measure results, among others.

Calibrate’s research has found that the typical law firm uses an average of 17 separate marketing technologies alone. Lack of integration among these platforms is the No. 1 technology challenge facing law firm CMOs, CHROs, and CTOs.


Mapping Your Future

Technology issues in law firms often result from multiple platforms with limited integration among them. A Calibrate Technology Stack assessment will:

  • Identify the gaps and opportunities in your current tech stack.
  • Suggest options to bridge them, ranging from incremental improvements to complete renewal.
  • Assess your firm’s performance on 15 or more specific capabilities that are enabled by technology in law firms today.
  • Compare your current state against our database of law firm best practices.
  • Deliver an objective-weighted analysis that pinpoints the highest-impact areas for improvement.

Stakeholder interviews


Vendor interviews


Document current state


Gap and opportunity analysis


Identify quick wins and longer term recommendations

How You Benefit

Clarify Technology Stack Maturity

Our report will benchmark your current tech stack and data against peer firms.

Vision for the Future

We will outline a feasible vision for how your firm uses technology and data more effectively

Quantify Costs and Benefits

Our recommendations are grounded in an understanding of the true costs of investing in new tech-supported capabilities.

New Marketing Leader Refocuses Martech Investment

How we helped a recently hired top-chair marketing leader build the infrastructure to support a common sales culture and sales methodology

The time to unify your technology stack is now.

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