Process and Data Optimization

As law firms become more complex and multi-faceted, the need for strong, well-documented business processes becomes more urgent than ever.

How do you successfully orchestrate the multitude of tasks that a typical law firm Business Services team must execute – and do it repeatedly, with high quality, and at optimal cost? In many cases, the answer is strong, well documented processes.

Optimizing the Way Your Team Works

In many firms, law firm business processes are based on individuals’ knowledge of their jobs. When key people leave, the team has to figure out how to absorb their work. Without proper planning and documentation, steps get missed and redundancies and duplications emerge.

Calibrate can help document, clarify and simplify the key business processes used by your team. Our expert process consultants will:

  • Help you identify the highest impact processes for optimization.
  • Map the current state of your key processes, including identifying redundant steps and unnecessary touch points.
  • Design streamlined business processes to increase throughput and reduce errors.
  • Apply technology to automate manual processes.
  • Document new business processes and train staff on applying them.

Identify processes for priority action


Interview process owners and users


Map current-state processes


Envision and map future-state processses


Enable through technology and training

How You Benefit

On-the-Ground Insight

We work shoulder to shoulder with your team members to understand their pain points and blockages.

Leading Practices

Our process management experts are trained to spot issues in business processes. They have seen the same problems many times before, and have a toolkit of solutions available.

Increased Capacity;
Reduced Cost

Optimizing your team’s processes can free up time for higher-value work, as well as reducing the cost of carrying out repetitive tasks.

Digital Transformation for Law Firm Marketing Team

The first-chair marketing leader of an AmLaw 100 firm was concerned about how the firm handled digital marketing tasks.

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