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Gone are the reports summarizing everything your business services teams accomplished last month/quarter/year. Law firm leadership wants to see how departments are driving business now and spotting opportunities for future growth.

Are your reports showing the business services team’s contribution to the firm’s overall business objectives? Does your leadership team have easy access to the critical key performance indicators (KPIs)? Can you see clear trends on the team’s impact on your clients (and prospective clients)?

Build Useful Reports and Dashboards

Data-driven marketing is becoming the rule, not the exception. Calibrate can work with you and your firm’s Marketing, Business Development, HR and Talent teams to build reports and visualizations that resonate at the right time, with the right persona. We build reports in a variety of platforms, including:

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Smartsheet
  • Microsoft Excel

Determine insights needed from your data


Data discovery and remediation


Construct or procure data model for reporting


Build reports and/or visualizations


Iterate to search for new insights

How You Benefit

Manage to Goal

Tracking the appropriate KPIs in an efficient manner allows you to better manage towards your objectives.

Keep the Team On Task

Better reporting allows your team to stay informed and speak up in a timely manner if results are deviating from goal.


Building the right reporting infrastructure reduces the time and manpower spend on exports, data remediation, edits, etc. that come with regular reporting.

Visual Dashboards Provide Insights into Top Clients

Calibrate built a data warehouse that incorporated daily feeds from the firm’s CRM, email marketing and financial systems. Calibrate then used data analytics software to configure a set of visual dashboard reports that displayed metrics and Key Performance Indicators for each of the firm’s top clients

Even just one report can make you and your team more efficient...and prepared.

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