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Your team’s time is valuable ‒ and yet too often it’s spent on activities and tasks that don’t align with your law firm’s priorities. How can you determine where to take action?

Tracking all team members’ time over a 30-to-60 day period will give you the data you need to de-bias judgements about how valuable time is spent.

A Deep Dive on Your Team’s Time

Calibrate configures and deploys a simple, lightweight time tracking software to all members of your team. This allows us to gather and analyze a representative sample of the team’s time to fully understand volume, initiators of requests, and where there is potential to increase efficiency.

We then produce an analytical report that visualizes the team’s time to:

  • Identify relevant patterns or trends.
  • Highlight which attorneys’ practices and projects demand the most marketing support.
  • Ensure alignment with the firm’s goals and plans.
  • Provide clarity of roles and responsibilities based on actual tasks performed in anticipation of potential structural changes to the department.

Configure time tracking software


Deploy to your team


Track time for 30-60 days


Analyze and visualize results


Recommend action steps for greater efficiency and alignment

How You Benefit

Objective Viewpoint

Real-world data on how your team is spending its time will arm you with the facts for discussions with leadership.

Basis for Process Improvement

Data from a time analysis will help you pinpoint inefficiencies and duplication in your processes.

Culture of Accountability

Focusing your team on the value of their time can help them prioritize more effectively.

Time Analysis for Legal Marketing Team

The new COO of a midsize law firm needed to understand the current activities of the marketing and BD team before making changes to the department.

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