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A business services department represents a sizable investment for many law firms. Law firm leaders want assurance that this investment is aligned and resourced to produce the returns they expect.

Calibrate provides an independent, third-party perspective on the structure, processes, and performance of law firm business services teams. We also provide practical recommendations for improvement, which may include a modified structure, different resources, updated processes, technology enhancements or other changes to ensure they are operating effectively and efficiently.

A 360-Degree Review of the Function
  • Most Calibrate department assessments start with a short-term time tracking assignment. We configure and deploy a simple, lightweight time tracking software to all members of your team.
  • We review the structure of your team, and the defined roles within it.
  • We conduct stakeholder interviews to review your team, assess the roles and competencies of its members, and provide a report comparing structure, processes and metrics at comparable law firms.
  • We identify the gaps and opportunities in your technology stack and data sources. We then suggest options to bridge them, ranging from incremental improvements to complete renewal.
  • We can also bring your firm’s data to life with powerful data visualization and sophisticated dashboards.

Track and analyze 30-60 days of team's time


Uncover pain points through surveys and interviews


Benchmark team structure and competencies


Assess technology and data


Identify process gaps and overlaps


Comprehensive report

How You Benefit

Understand What You Have

Calibrate’s report highlights the core strengths of your current function and key opportunities for improvement.

Roadmap for Investment

Our report will highlight areas where you may be over- or under-investing in marketing/BD or HR capability, and a prioritized plan for improvement.

Align to Strategy

Our assessment helps you align your organization structure, talent, processes, data and technology to the firm’s business priorities.

Midsized Firm Re-sets its Marketing & BD Organization

Prior to hiring a new marketing/BD leader, the firm engaged Calibrate to provide an independent report on the team’s composition, structure and processes.

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