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In this Law.Com article, author Deborah R. Farone, former chief marketing officer of Cravath, Swaine & Moore, identifies marketing-related disconnects that get in the way of law firms’ success.

Farone offers the results of more than 60 interviews and meetings with law firm leaders in the US and UK.

“Several themes and lessons emerged from the research. Some of the most interesting ones are what I call disconnects. These were the mismatches that appeared when certain views or facts just didn’t match up. While these disconnects may be seen as impediments to law firms, for those that move decisively in how they operate and market, they may be opportunities. ”

“Today’s law firm marketers often have backgrounds in law, finance, research and branding. Yet, there remain law firm leaders who do not take advantage of the talent that sits inside their offices. They believe that their marketing department is adequate for putting together pitch materials, but not for working hand in hand on strategy or developing new avenues of business

“According to a Calibrate Legal /ALM Legal Intelligence report, most CMOs report to the firm’s managing partner. Yet still there remain firms where the CMO reports to a large committee or group of marketing partners, many without marketing or management experience.  The best marketing functions appear to be the ones where marketers are truly entrenched in the practice areas, and where they report to the leadership of the firm. These marketers are included in partner meetings and kept active in the firm’s management.”