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Calibrate Insights > Time Analysis for Legal Marketing Team

The new COO of a midsize law firm needed to understand the current activities of the marketing and business development team before making changes to the department. Calibrate was engaged to conduct a time analysis on how the team members were allocating their tasks– to fully understand volume, initiators of requests and potential for automation to increase efficiency.

Calibrate worked with the firm’s IT organization to deploy a simple, lightweight time tracking software to gather and analyze a representative sample of the Marketing team’s time.  The team pre-populated the software with more than 40 project and task categories specified by the firm, and team members were asked to enter their time against these categories for a one-month period. Following the tracking period, Calibrate analyzed how the team’s time had been allocated among the categories.

The COO received an easy-to-read analytical report with practical recommendations for optimizing time usage. The report provided a data-driven platform for the COO to initiate changes in the department’s structure.