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The Challenge

A top 10 global law firm with an international client base, comprised of talented and highly skilled team members, sought strategies to effectively retain and support the ongoing growth and development of their employees. With a vision to create a strong human capital strategy, they desired to develop a comprehensive Professional Development Curriculum that would enable employee growth while maintaining a competitive edge in attracting and retaining top talent.  

 The client recognized the importance of investing in their employees’ professional development to meet evolving industry demands and elevate the capabilities of their team. They aimed to create a comprehensive curriculum that would address both fundamental and advanced skill requirements for individual roles, the department, and the overall firm. 


Calibrate’s Solution

In partnership with senior members of the firm’s leadership team and focused on alignment to the department’s culture, mission and strategy, Calibrate delivered the following: 

  • Analysis: A comprehensive thematic analysis of the team’s existing competency framework was performed that uncovered training topics for each identified competency, including level-specific recommendations for each career path and across the department’s core and leadership competencies. 
  • Resource Identification: Calibrate aligned the performance factors from the competency framework and requirements for career progression with relevant training resources from both industry-specific resources and broader learning resources. Training options were inclusive of on-site and virtual training programs, mentoring and coaching initiatives, workshops, and seminars, as well as online learning resources such as blogs and articles. 
  • Learning Board Development: A comprehensive, easily navigable, and interactive view of the available options was developed so that each team member could easily utilize the resource, allowing flexibility for each team member to develop a unique and team-specific training plan to elevate their foundational, leadership, and career path competency skills.Training options were provided to facilitate skill development in job-specific areas, industry-specific domains, and functional expertise.

By creating a comprehensive Professional Development Curriculum that aligns with the firm’s core and leadership competencies, the team now has tailored development plans, targeted skill development opportunities, and career progression pathways to foster a greater sense of purpose, job satisfaction, career growth, and fulfillment.  

Let’s Connect

To learn more about how Calibrate can help your firm develop a Professional Development Curriculum that will enable employee growth while increasing the firm’s ability to attract and retain talent, please reach out to Haley Revel, Managing Director of HR & Talent Management at Calibrate.