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In 2024, marketing and business development teams are spending more time responding to more RFPs but winning less and the costs are significant: from substantial hard costs that impact profitability, to the opportunity costs of spending insufficient focus understanding client needs because too much time is needed searching for duplicative responses and past work.

How can marketing and BD improve their win rates while also improving the profitability of each pursuit?

“The Impact of RFPs on Marketing and Business Development and the Pursuit of Winning More” discusses the findings from the released results of the ikaun 2024 RFP Impact Report on Marketing and Business Development Professionals.

In the session, the panelists discuss the workings behind current RFP win rates, and quantify those costs, to provide real business solutions that improve efficiencies by up to 90% as well as outline best practices to deliver the work clients actually want.

Learn where firms have room for improvement within the RFP process by watching the on-demand recording below:

Featured Speakers

Jason Noble

Co-Founder and Chief of Product Strategy, ikaun

Rachel Shields Williams

 Director, Knowledge Management Enablement & Insights, Sidley

Murray Joslin

Executive VP, Creative & Business Solutions, Integreon