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As the holiday season approaches, life can get pretty hectic both personally and professionally. To help you stay balanced, our executive search team has compiled a list of their top resources for how they nurture their own well-being and are pleased to share them with you.

Team Calibrate’s Tips For Self-Care

“Maria Shriver’s “Sunday Paper” weekly newsletter is full of ‘stories that raise you up and move humanity forward’ and I always find at least one item to that I feel compelled to share with a loved one each week.  The subscription is free for the newsletter, but there is an enhanced version that gives additional access including the “Conversations Above The Noise” virtual event on December 12 which I will be attending.Jennifer Johnson, CEO

Heading into the holiday season means taking a “break” from the routine of school, which can be equally as hard on kids as it is on caretakers. I recommend Dr. Becky’s “Good Inside” podcastwebsite and social media platforms for quick, effective solutions to support kids and caregivers alike during the most unexpected holiday moments or throughout the year. For those interested in the Science of Well-Being, check out The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos, the “teacher of the most popular class in Yale’s history”.  Her recent collaboration with Sesame Street is great for kids and she offers free resources for teens focused on helping all of us live happier lives.Catherine Dapra, Managing Director, Talent Management Roles

“I like to organize and prioritize my tasks! For me, it’s helpful to create lists and break them down. I am also cooking and baking my way through all of Ina Garten’s cookbooks. For professional development, I stay up to date with the following podcasts: Make Me Smart, Marketplace, Morning Brew Daily, and Work Life.” Jenny Schwope, Senior Executive Search Associate, Business Management/COO Roles

“As I work from home, it’s essential to my well-being that I carve out time to make sure I’m getting outside and clearing my head. The best way for me to reset and enjoy a little quiet time is by taking solo walks outside. It helps me center myself and go forward with the rest of my day with renewed energy and a clearer, more focused mindset!” Hadleigh Henderson Katz, Executive Search Associate, Marketing/BD Roles

“During the cold winter months and busy holiday season, it can be easy to lose touch of your creative side. I find writing poetry is great way to catalyze and connect with your imagination. Creative writing allows you to express yourself freely and create your own unique language. Poetry also makes very meaningful, and personalized gifts to your loved ones as well. To help inspire my creative side, I find that being in a quiet place surrounded by nature, or listening to podcasts both open my mind to new thoughts and ideas.” Mary Fuller, Executive Search Coordinator, Marketing/BD Roles

“My top self-care routine to reconnect with myself and my loved ones is being outside in nature taking walks. It not only helps to clear my mind, but I’m also actively learning something as well which helps my mental well-being. During the work week, I spend my lunchtime walking, listening to podcasts, audiobooks, or doing guided meditations. Zero to Travel and The Mel Robbins podcasts are some of my favorites. On the weekends, my family and friends will join.” Kenyan Ingram, Executive Search Coordinator, Business Management/COO Roles

“During the holidays, it can be difficult to find time to move your body and stay active. I love doing workout classes all year, specifically HIIT and weightlifting classes. I highly recommend Orangetheory if you’re looking for an intense, total-body workout! Regularly working out has many benefits. For me, I find that it helps me to stay connected to myself, my community while also providing a sense of routine.” Kat Jameson, Executive Search Assistant

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