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As you embark on a new job search, the first question you may be asking is “how much does it pay?”. This is definitely an important factor when considering making a career move. However, changing jobs is a big decision. In addition to the financial impact, there are several other considerations to tell if a new opportunity is really worth it, and right for you. Let’s look at a few other key factors to think about as you navigate the interview process: 


As the saying goes, “there is a shoe for every foot! The cultural fit you might be looking for is completely individual and is different for everyone. As you meet with various people at the firm, ask questions and search for signs to ensure the firm is aligned with your values. 

Examples of what to ask:

  • What is the firm culture? This question is straightforward and can tell you a lot. Really listen to how they answer and read between the lines if necessary. 
  • What do you love about working at the firm and what is something you would change if you could? 
  • What are the firm’s values, and can you provide examples of how these are exemplified at the firm?  
    • Can your interviewer even answer that question? Can they expound on each value and give examples of how it is lived every day at the firm?  
  • What does work/life balance look like at the firm? What is the flexibility or remote work policy?  

You can, and should, think of questions that will tell you the answers to what is truly important to you. Ask these questions to each person you interview with – are their answers consistent/aligned? And do they resonate with your priorities?  

Growth Opportunities.

If long-term growth, opportunity, and upward mobility are important to you, focus your search on firms that invest in their people and can provide tangible examples.  

Examples of what to ask:

  • What is the long-term potential at the firm?
  • Does the firm offer professional development training opportunities? Are there opportunities to be involved in industry associations, etc.?
  • Can you provide examples of other team members growth trajectory within the firm? What has your career journey looked like within the firm? 
Team Dynamics and Resources.

Experience and capability are integral to success, as is having the resources to ensure you can deliver and excel in your role.  

Examples of what to ask:

  • What technologies are currently being used at the firm? Can you give an example of how they are utilized? (For example, does the firm have a CRM (Client Relationship Management) platform? Yes? Great! Is the data accurate and up to date and therefore beneficial? Also, important to know!) 
  • How does the team work together? Can you speak to the different functions and how they collaborate?  
  • If it’s a remote or hybrid position, how does one get integrated into the team, especially if they’re geographically dispersed?
  • How does the firm allocate resources for this position including access to support staff?
Other Benefits.

Do you value other fringe benefits such as working remotely or unlimited PTO? Does the firm offer a sabbatical to business professionals or robust leave policies? Is there childcare on-site, or resources that support you and your family? Does the firm offer fully paid healthcare insurance or pet insurance? Is there a 401K match or profit sharing; what does that look like? Is there reimbursement, or other benefits related to continuing education? And so on.  

This is just a sampling of things to contemplate when considering a new role. Personally, I’m also a proponent of listening to your gut. However, doing your due diligence during the interview process can help you suss out what your day-to-day might be like at the new firm. If you are working with a good recruiter, they should also help you think through these factors and gather some of the answers to your questions.  

At the end of the day, only you can identify what is a top priority for you, above and beyond base salary. Understanding what’s important to you will help you best select a firm that is in alignment with your values and long-term career goals.   

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