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LinkedIn has become the main platform for recruiters to source and contact candidates and build out their industry network. Recruiters also use various search tools that rely on LinkedIn profile content. For this reason, we recommend ensuring your profile is comprehensive and up to date. Here are a few simple tips to strengthen your profile and expand your professional network to increase your visibility for recruiters and hiring managers.  

Tips to strengthen your profile:   
  • Enhance your experience section by adding brief descriptions of your accomplishments, projects, and responsibilities beneath each or your roles.  
  • Prove your ability to invest, commit, and grow by adding each promotion and title held at each organization you have been part of.  
  • Highlight your professional career goals, accomplishments, and characteristics by adding a personal bio. 
    • You can also include your contact information here to make it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to connect with you.   
  • Showcase your involvement in professional organizations and/or the community, any publications, awards, recognitions, and professional skills by using the extra sections provided – these can add a personal touch that helps you stand out!   
  • Add a professional photo to add credibility that your profile is that of a real person.  
Tangible components to increase your visibility:   
  • Location: This is one of the first filters recruiters use when searching for a candidate.  
  • Industry: Consider making this reflective of your organization versus the function you perform.  
  • Affiliations: Be sure to use the correct link to academic institutions, organizations, and affiliations. This way you will be captured in a search algorithm by company names and education history.  
  • “Open to Work”: Changing this status will send a direct notification only visible to recruiters within your network.  
  • Network: Connect with and follow professionals, organizations, hashtags, and groups to expand your network allowing more people to reach you and vice versa.   
  • Headline: This is an opportunity to highlight your current role or relevant experience and career goals.  

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for recruiters seeking talented candidates and for professional colleagues looking to build their professional networks. To maximize your visibility, it is crucial to refine your profile content to showcase your skills and accomplishments and expand your network in the process. 

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