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We are excited to celebrate the 5th year anniversary of the publishing of Kelly Hoey’s book

Build Your Dream Network

We would like to extend a warm congratulations to J. Kelly Hoey on the milestone of Build Your Dream Network’s fifth publication anniversary as well as the launch of the book’s latest addendum.

Build Your Dream Network serves as a strategic guide, offering proven approaches to forming strong professional relationships by leveraging the social tools already at our disposal, success stories and advice from professional networkers, and much more.

Jennifer JohnsonCalibrate’s CEO, Jennifer Johnson, appears in the original volume as well as throughout latest addition providing her perspective on the importance of professional organizations, notably amidst the pandemic, and the process of adapting to virtual networking.

In addition to Hoey’s book, Jennifer appears on an episode of the Build Your Dream Network podcast, sharing key steps in building a new network from scratch.

The newly released 70-page bonus book contains updates from several of the original Build Your Dream Network interviewees as well as fresh insights and approaches from professionals who have found success navigating networking and fostering connections in the course of a global epidemic.

This timely addendum is available as a free download. Enjoy!