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Calibrate Legal’s article, “Driving Organizational Change Within Your Law Firm: Collaboration, Consensus, and Buy-In,” published by JD Supra, addresses how saturated these terms can be and how, in many institutions, their presence signifies a problem as opposed to a solution. Yet, under the right conditions, honing these three skills can improve an individual’s and their organization’s overall effectiveness in achieving meaningful progress, and Carol’s article walks readers through how to do just that.

From the article:

Collaboration, consensus and buy-in (CCBI, for our purposes) all serve a role in driving progress. The trick is to understand the what, when, how and why for applying each. These valuable tactics require a substantial investment of time and energy, but knowing how and when to utilize different tactics will help you determine how to successfully streamline your approach to gain the highest ROI.

Read the complete article here.

Jennifer Johnson
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