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Calibrate’s Executive Search Coordinators, Mary Fuller and Kenyan Ingram, provide the pulse-check questions you should be asking to ensure your values and career path are aligned.

Whether you are seeking a new challenge, considering a relocation, exploring different industries, or entering (or reentering) the job market, it is crucial to identify and prioritize your personal values as you seek a fulfilling career. In this process, it can be easy to overlook some of the key factors in a new opportunity such as location, remote work, compensation, benefits, organization size, professional and personal investments, growth potential, and alignment with your values. Calibrating your personal and professional values will enhance your self-awareness as you present yourself in the job market.    

The questions below can help guide your thoughts:     

Reflecting on questions like these will help you navigate the job market more effectively. Not only will it help calibrate your job search, but it will help you market yourself more authentically and identify fulfilling opportunities. And, as you progress in your career search and move towards the interview stages, these topics can be very effective to discuss with employers in order to help you determine if the opportunity is calibrated with your values and career vision! 

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If you are interested speaking more to our recruiters about mapping your career path, please reach out to one of our Executive Search Coordinators, Mary Fuller and Kenyan Ingram.