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The Challenge

A regional powerhouse law firm committed to building a business development, client service and team-oriented culture to be a force for change. To accomplish this transformation, the firm sought input from partners and members of their marketing team to identify strategies to achieve this vision.

Calibrate was engaged in a dual role to:

  • Recruit a new business development leader with a client-centric perspective to align the firm under a transformative approach to business development;
  • Work closely with firm leaders and members of the marketing team to identify the current team members’ capabilities, potential, skill gaps, areas of development and relationship/management keys.

Calibrate’s Solution

Calibrate interviewed members of firm leadership and conducted one-on-one interviews with all marketing team members following individual strengths assessments. Based on information obtained through interviews and surveys, Calibrate provided a SWOT analysis and provided recommendations related to talent, leadership, communications and future capabilities. This report, along with customized, individual assessments highlighting each team member’s strengths, communication styles, areas of struggle, development opportunities and key management insights, was provided to the newly hired Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) to inform and expedite a successful leadership transition.

Calibrate also utilized strengths assessments with finalist candidates in the CBDO search, providing a consistent source of feedback for the newly hired CBDO and the rest of the team. The firm engaged Calibrate to facilitate a team development workshop to strengthen relationships across the team and to focus on the vision for the future. This workshop provided the team with the tools to identify and appreciate one another’s strengths and struggles, communication insights to heighten the effectiveness of the team, and a renewed commitment to each other and the firm.

Let’s Connect

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