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Hiring the right marketing professionals for your law firm isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity if your firm has any chance of standing out from the crowd. These important people are “Revenue Enablers™,” the ones who make all of the revenue possible. So how do you find them?

Jennifer JohnsonMichelle Calcote King invites Jennifer Johnson, the Founder and CEO of Calibrate, onto the Spill The Ink podcast to talk about revenue enablers and how to find them for your law firm. They discuss the current trends of the legal marketing world and how to stay on top of them. They then go into detail on what makes a revenue enabler, flexible work arrangements and why so many marketers are leaving the legal industry.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What the “Revenue Enabler” movement is and why Jennifer is so passionate about it
  • Why it’s so important for law firms to eliminate the “non-lawyer” phrase and mentality
  • The traits of a Revenue Enabler
  • What legal marketing trends Revenue Enablers are staying abreast of
  • How IT and marketing can better work together to enable revenue and drive results
  • How flexible work arrangements are impacting the talent life cycle at law firms
  • The factors driving the current migration of business professional talent out of the legal industry
  • The types of roles being added to law firm marketing departments
  • Calibrate ID, Calibrate’s annual research program
  • Jennifer’s approach to networking

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