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The Challenge

Following the departure of the incumbent Chief Marketing Officer, an Am Law 200 firm wished to refocus its marketing and business development team to better support the firm’s strategic growth objectives. Prior to hiring a new marketing/BD leader, the Chief Operating Officer engaged Calibrate to provide an independent report on the team’s composition, structure and processes.

Calibrate’s Solution

Calibrate first conducted a needs analysis based on interviews with key stakeholders in the firm, including department chairs, members of the Executive Committee and the Managing Partner. Incumbent team members were interviewed individually to assess strengths and career goals. Each member completed a structured assessment of their working style and team behaviors. In parallel, Calibrate reviewed the firm’s marketing technology infrastructure and processes against best practices in legal and other industries.

The COO received a comprehensive blueprint informed by common themes from key stakeholder interviews on the current state of the marketing department, insights into key strengths, opportunities and challenges, and the vision for a future Marketing Department aligned to most effectively support the firm’s growth strategy.

Let’s Connect

To learn more about how Calibrate partners with firm leaders to conduct departmental assessments, please reach out to Gordon Braun-Woodbury, Senior Consultant at Calibrate.