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New Research Program Will Measure Inclusion and Diversity Among Business Service Professionals at Am Law 200 Firms

Calibrate ID research  will address blind spot in law firm inclusion efforts by studying diversity within business services teams and their inclusion within professional development, career-pathing and affinity group experiences.



Calibrate, a management consulting and executive search firm, today announced the launch of Calibrate ID (inclusion and diversity), an annual research program for law firms focused on the inclusivity of business services professionals. The program will serve as a benchmark for firms to identify opportunities for talent innovation and shine a spotlight on leading firms.

The research will measure diversity representation (defined in terms of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability and past military service) and the level of inclusion (defined as participation in professional development programming, career-pathing and affinity groups) that business services professionals experience inside law firms.

“When reporting diversity and inclusion statistics, most law firms only include lawyers, but that excludes as much as 50% of a law firm’s workforce,” said Calibrate Founder and CEO Jennifer Johnson. “We are excited about the influence this research program will have on the need for law firms to create an inclusive workplace that will allow them to ultimately excel in client service delivery.”

Calibrate has partnered with major law firms as charter participants in the Calibrate ID research program.  Each participating firm has agreed to fund the program and will provide data on their business services teams as a baseline.  Participating firms will use a standardized data set to ensure accurate benchmarking against their peers.

The Calibrate ID research will allow participating firms to:
  • Put a stake in the ground, publicly acknowledging that ALL their workforces are valued.
  • Gain a clear and factual understanding of the current state of inclusion and diversity representation in their business services roles, documented in a scorecard format.
  • Benchmark specific goals, accountability measures and performance indicators for diversity and inclusion in these positions across the profession.
  • Realize innovation in their talent strategy by creating opportunities for their workforces to thrive.

“This research is important to the entire legal community,” agreed Paul Eberle, Chief Executive Officer of Husch Blackwell, one of the charter firms. “We recognize that clients expect diversity and an inclusive workplace from their law firms, and furthermore, we expect this of ourselves.”

“We’re proud to be part of this important research project,” said Mark Sloan, Managing Partner, Thompson & Knight, another charter firm.  “We recognize that continued growth requires a consistent focus on culture alongside targeted initiatives and actions.  We believe that an inclusive mindset and diverse workforce are two of our greatest competitive strengths, and this study will give us a benchmark for our future efforts.”

The Calibrate ID research supports Calibrate’s longer-term efforts to champion the recognition of law firm business services professionals as Revenue Enablers™, who are essential components for any firm’s ongoing success.

“Innovation is getting a lot of attention in our industry,” said Johnson. “But creating and nurturing a true culture of ongoing innovation will require law firms to think about their Revenue Enabler™ assets through the lens of a shared human desire to be included.”

About Calibrate:

Calibrate provides recruiting and consulting services focused on Revenue Enablers™ who support law firm profitability.  We are a first-call resource for law firm leaders who seek the best business services talent and invest in their success. Our team, which comprises advisers and recruiters with law firm and corporate experience, helps law firms achieve superior business results through the strategic use of talent, time and technology.

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