Vendor Selection

There are thousands of marketing technology vendors on the market today, many of whom are actively targeting the law firm sector. How can you cut through the clutter to select the right ones for your firm?

At Calibrate Strategies, we recognize the challenges in identifying viable vendors, validating competing claims and ensuring that solutions fit with your processes and culture. Our knowledge of the market – combined with our human-centered and hands-on approach – ensures that we can quickly deliver a solid recommendation to your law firm.

A Deep Dive on Your Business Requirements

Calibrate Strategies uses a rigorous methodology to identify and evaluate suitable marketing technology vendors for our clients:

  • We start with a discovery phase, during which we will interview selected firm stakeholders. The deliverable will be a business case for a solution and a roadmap for building the firm’s capability, including technology, process and people.
  • We use our proven methodology to create detailed business requirements for a solution. These requirements will be translated into a formal request for proposals. Based on our knowledge of the market we will recommend appropriate vendors to be considered.
  • We act as central point of contact for the vendors who will be asked to submit bids. We interview reference customers to validate claims. Our final deliverable is a scored matrix rating the vendors’ capabilities to meet each of your requirements.

Business Discovery


Building the case


Requirements and RFP






Implement, Enable, Optimize

How You Benefit

An Objective Viewpoint

Because we are not affiliated with any technology provider, you can rely on us to provide an independent assessment on competing vendor claims.

Save Time and Money

We act as an extension of your marketing and IT teams, helping to keep the project on track and on budget.

Reduce Risk

Our thorough, analytical process will help give you confidence that the best qualified vendors are considered.

Law Firm Replaces
CRM Vendor

An AmLaw 200 firm learned that its current CRM system was being discontinued by the vendor.

New Marketing Leader Refocuses Martech Investment

Recently hired top-chair marketing leader had a mandate to create a sales culture, common sales methodology and supporting infrastructure.

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