Martech Stack Assessment

Your Holy Grail: The Law Firm’s Marketing Technology Stack

Inefficient workflow. Low quality data. Lack of user acceptance. Low ROI on technology spend. Inability to measure results. A fragmented martech stack can cause a host of problems – and often is the result of a piecemeal approach that combines multiple technology platforms with limited integration among them.

Calibrate Legal’s research has found

The typical law firm uses 17 separate marketing technologies, and that lack of integration is the No. 1 technology challenge facing CMOs.

Mapping Your Future

We start our technology assessments by identifying the gaps and opportunities in your martech stack. We then suggest options to bridge them, ranging from incremental improvements to complete renewal.

In a typical engagement, we assess your firm’s performance on 15 or more specific marketing and BD capabilities that are enabled by technology in law firms today. We compare your current state against our database of best practices in the field. We deliver an objective-weighted analysis that pinpoints the highest-impact areas for improvement.

martech assessment

How You’ll Benefit



marketing technology capabilities and how they can be optimized.


legacy marketing workflow processes.


how your staff are using technology, including opportunities for training and development.


expenditures on duplicate or under-performing systems.


the return on your investment in marketing technology.


your knowledge of your firm’s current marketing technology capabilities and how they can be optimized.


opportunities for integration among the elements of your martech stack.


your investment decisions with new or enhanced marketing technology.


your current use of marketing technology against best practices in the legal sector and across multiple industries.

“We knew that the firm needed a more up-to-date approach to marketing technology, but we were not sure where to start. Calibrate Legal’s business-focused approach gave us a roadmap for the martech investments that would give us the best return.”

Nicole Kershaw, Chief Business Development OfficerHarter Secrest & Emery LLP

New Marketing Leader Refocuses Martech Investment

Recently hired top-chair marketing leader had a mandate to create a sales culture, common sales methodology and supporting infrastructure.

Law Firm Replaces its CRM Vendor

An Am Law 200 firm learned that its current CRM system was being discontinued by the vendor.

Digital Transformation for Law Firm Marketing

Marketing leader of an Am Law 100 firm was concerned about how the firm handled digital marketing tasks.

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