Department Assessment

Calibrate Legal’s Department Assessments help CMOs and law firm management:


  • Identify and retain top business services talent;
  • Understand a marketing team’s capabilities and opportunities for development;
  • Articulate departmental value; and
  • Enhance communication with attorneys and executive leadership.

Using our research-based models, proven methodology and deep knowledge of legal marketing processes and teams, we assess the department and create a roadmap for business and team growth.

Time Tracking and Analysis

Most Calibrate Legal department assessments start with a short-term time tracking assignment. Working with your firm’s IT department, we configure and deploy a simple, lightweight time tracking software to all members of your team.

Tracking all team members’ time over a four- to six-week period helps to de-bias judgements about how valuable time is spent. Calibrate provides an analytical report offering clear insight on how efficiently your team is working, and which attorneys’ practices and projects demand the most marketing support.

Review of Team Composition and Structure

The structure of your Marketing and BD team, and the defined roles within it, are critical to the firm’s success.   Calibrate will conduct stakeholder interviews to review your team, assess the roles and competencies of its members, and provide a report comparing structure, processes and metrics at comparable law firms.

Marketing Technology Roadmap

A fragmented martech stack can cause a host of problems – and often is the result of a piecemeal approach that combines multiple technology platforms with limited integration among them.

We start our  technology assessments by identifying the gaps and opportunities in your martech stack. We then suggest options to bridge them, ranging from incremental improvements to complete renewal.

ROI Measurement and Reporting

Can you attribute marketing activities to revenue and back up your recommendations with data? Do you struggle to create meaningful reports from data in your spreadsheets, CRM, email, financial and other systems? Do you wish you could visualize your most important marketing and BD data on demand?

We can bring your firm’s marketing data to life with powerful data visualization and sophisticated dashboards. We partner with Revenue Enablers™ on a project basis to build high-impact visual reports that:

Uncover business insights

by combining financial, marketing and matters data in a single report.

Encourage client focus

with an all-in-one dashboard for each of your practice groups or key clients.

Engage your attorneys

by displaying marketing data in a visual format that highlights trends and issues.

Save you time and effort

by automating cumbersome manual reports.

Increase accountability for results

with Key Performance Indicators for each of your programs.


of Am Law 200 firms are experiencing revenue volatility.


of firms reported increasing marketing and business development budgets.


of respondents do not know what milestones or metrics they have to hit in order to be promoted or how long that will take.


The average estimated return on investment from $1 million of marketing and business development spend for an Am Law 200 firm.

Source: ALM/Calibrate Legal Law Firm Revenue Enabler™  Compensation Study

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