Accelerate your new firm, department or business unit leader’s ability to make an impact.

Our experience shows that it takes between six to nine months for an incoming Chief to get fully acclimated, grounded and become productive. A customized onboarding program for your new executive is critical for their effectiveness and is proven to influence retention.

Our HeadStart program gives your new leader the opportunity to shave up to three months off of the onboarding period – saving your firm valuable time and money.

Instead of spending the initial months hunkered down and on a scavenger hunt for information, your executive will be able to act from a position of strength and knowledge, thereby being free to focus on building critical relationships and accelerating their contribution to the firm.

HeadStart combines our third-party, independent department assessment and our technology assessment to provide a full picture of the current state of the firm’s business functions. The assessments are done parallel to the search, allowing the new-to-the-firm executive to contribute from Day One.