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So much martech, so little time!  Getting a suite of martech applications to work together seamlessly can be a big challenge, and can create wasted time and unnecessary friction for a legal marketing team.

At the 2022 LMA conference, Calibrate Legal’s Gordon Braun-Woodbury collaborated with Ann Meyer, Director of Marketing Technology at Fisher Philips, to shine a light on this issue.  Their presentation covered the following topics:

  • How to understand and articulate the business problem that technology is supposed to address.
  • How to evaluate your current martech stack – what do you have, what are your goals, what are the gaps, and how do you measure it?
  • How to create a business case for new technology investment to fill your gaps.
  • How to evaluate new service providers – what do you need the product to solve for, what is the value of that solution, how does it fit with what you have ?
  • How to communicate about martech, encourage adoption and measure success.

“By itself, technology is not the answer to every legal marketing issue. Before rushing to purchase the latest tool, we believe it’s critical to get clarity on what you are solving for —  and then carefully think through how technology will make a difference to your problem.”

Click below to download your complimentary copy of the presentation.

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