Professional Package

Our professional package includes:

“Measure Your Digital Health” Online Technology Assessment

The self-administered assessment gives you an instant current-state report with visuals that you can use to help build your case to move your marketing roadmap forward. The comprehensive 18-page detailed report is full of customized information on how you are performing in the dimensions of people, processes and technology in areas such as marketing/IT alignment, list management and segmentation, lead and opportunity management, and content marketing. The assessment requires approximately one hour to complete.

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CliftonStrengths Online Talent Assessment for up to 10 Team Members

Transform great potential into greater performance and improve individual and team performance using Top 5 CliftonStrengths. The assessment will give you a basic understanding of your team members’ innate talents and how you can maximize your team’s potential.

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Revenue EnablerTM Applicability Report

Learn how your team members’ individual strengths support their role as Revenue Enablers TM at a law firm.

Content Marketing Process Template

Create world-class content marketing with our step-by-step guides. We have researched leading practices by advanced content marketing organizations across all sectors to advise you on how to rapidly advance your content marketing capabilities.

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Marketing Technologist Skills Checklist – Essential and Advanced

Ensure consistency with our Marketing Technologist Skills Checklist. Over the past 15 years, we have placed hundreds of Marketing Technologists. Now we share what we know are the most important skills for both junior and senior-level talent.

Marketing Technologist Job Description – Essential and Advanced

We have reviewed a wealth of content across the legal sector and also other sectors to create a bulletproof job description. It captures the key elements of the Marketing Technologist and, along with guidance, enables you to finalize the job description, which is bespoke to your specific needs, helping you to move forward in your search for your next Marketing Technologist.

Online Marketing Technology Skills Evaluation

Complete our online assessment for up to six of your team members’ digital marketing skills. The quiz has been developed for Calibrate Legal by Mercer Mettl, a leading provider of assessment tests. It seeks to identify competencies in areas critical to a modern digital marketing team, including Analytics, Pay-per-Click advertising, Email Marketing, CRM and Project Management. The test requires approximately one hour to complete. The purpose is to evaluate digital marketing skills as a collective team – not to single out individuals. It is also an opportunity to identify the skills you already have in your team that may not be leveraged effectively.

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Key Stakeholder Interviews

Calibrate Legal will meet by phone with up to four (4) key stakeholders and subject matter experts from the Marketing and IT Departments for thirty (30) minutes each to gain insight into the current state of your systems and desired future needs, resources, support, outcomes, and other requirements.

Executive Report on the Current State of Marketing Technology Systems Integration

You will receive a summary of common themes from the interviews on the current and desired future state of the team, including key strengths, opportunities, and challenges.

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Multi-year Roadmap for Priorities in Marketing Technology and Processes

You will receive an inventory of the suite of technology platforms used to support your firm’s marketing and business development efforts. We will also identify data flows, both manual and automated and deliver a gap/opportunity analysis outlining specific action steps to improve the Stack in the short and long term.

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Best Practices from Leading Legal Marketing Teams

A report on best practices in marketing operations gleaned from our knowledge of legal marketing teams.

Executive Brief

Calibrate Legal will conduct a one-hour Executive Brief via videoconference on findings.

Optional Add-On Services

Marketing Team Time Tracking

Utilizing Calibrate Legal’s proprietary Time Tracking tool, we will capture time of all marketing team members for a one-month period. Our tool is populated with 40+ with tasks and time categories, as defined by your team. Data on captured time will then be analyzed to identify relevant patterns/trends. You will receive a report highlighting key findings from the analysis, and recommendations for increased efficiencies.

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Professional Package

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