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Results: Flexible Work Arrangements Survey

By April 5, 2017June 19th, 2022No Comments

A few high-level takeaways:

·         Total respondents: 127

·         Title: 82% of respondents were directors or managers (90+% are in Marketing/BD)

·         Really diverse firm sizes

·         46% of respondents were from the Northeast

·         92% are exempt, 95% are full time

·         85% have SOME level of flexibility to work from home

·         67% of those people spend most of their time in the office, with just occasional days in the office

·         50% of people worked 1 or less days at home per month

·         71% of people had to first work for their employer for some period of time, as opposed to having it included in their negotiations

·         What drives their decision to work from home, largely: personal flexibility (70%), family responsibility (62%), commute (50%)

·         93% of people have remote access to their computers, 74% are provided with laptops

·         only 35% used Skype or other videoconferencing to keep in touch with colleagues while working from home

·         93% do not track their activity while working from home

·         67% said there is no formal documentation/arrangement for working from home

·         For those with a flexible working arrangement, 59% would consider it a requirement for their next position (41% said it would depend)

·         75% of people said they valued their FWA more than looking for a new position

·         A whopping 31 people offered additional comments, which I think are definitely worth the read – these are included at the end 

Some of the comments:

“I’m definitely considering negotiating regular telecommuting into my next role. I’d consider leaving legal to get it.

“Work 4 days per week, 3 in office, 1 at home. Available on demand via email for emergencies outside that time. Negotiated up front and part of work agreement i will never work 5 days a week again!!!”

“My flex time is mostly in my hours in the office (9:30am-6pm), but in this day and age, anyone can work from home as long as they have access to email and digital files. This should be a no brainer for employers to offer. “

“A flexible working schedule is more valuable to me at this point in my life than money. I value my personal time, and wish my current employer was more understanding of their employees’ effort to have a work life balance. You either trust your employees, or you don’t. And if you don’t, they shouldn’t be your employee. With the availability of laptops, remote access, Skype, phones, etc, it is not terribly difficult to implement a work from home policy. I would require this of any future employer.” 

“My employer doesn’t offer the ability to work from home – it’s 2017, this shocks me.”

“This is an area of ambiguity for us. It seemed to be ok, but now my boss is unhappy that people are working from home. We have no parameters right now, so it is very frustrating.”