Law firm marketing leaders are turning to data-driven marketing tactics to generate new leads amid pandemic setbacks. Implementing new KPIs can be difficult to navigate; the key is knowing which data points should be used in each situation. So how do you make these crucial decisions?
Marketing Analytics Trends at Law Firms

Jason Kennedy - Marketing Operations ConsultantLegal industry leader Guy Alvarez invites Jason Kennedy, one of Calibrate Strategies’ Marketing Operations Consultants, onto the Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast to dive into the ins and outs of legal marketing analytics. As law firm marketing teams adopt a data-driven strategy, Jason is at the forefront of helping firms identify the scope, tools and personnel needed to demonstrate true value from the marketing department. Using this approach, Jason developed the concept of the Marketing Scientist: a blend of Marketing Operations and Data Analysis skill sets that enables other marketers on the team to harness true insights from the vast amount of data available within the MarTech stack. In this episode of the podcast they discuss trends within the market, challenges faced with analytics and what tools can be used to overcome them.

Here is a glimpse of what you will takeaway:
  • What is involved in marketing analytics
  • How marketing has shifted away from traditional relationship-driven channels amid the pandemic
  • The rise of data-driven marketing tactics 
  • The challenges associated with harmonizing systems and gaining access to data 
  • What a custom data warehouse is and how it helps amend decentralized systems
  • Tips on how to best work with IT in the process of aligning data systems
  • Why its important to look outside the legal realm to create five year milestones, particularly in marketing analytics
  • How to report on marketing-driven revenue to reflect department value

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Marketing Analytics Trends at Law Firms

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Law firm marketing leaders are turning to data-driven marketing tactics to generate new leads amid pandemic setbacks. Implementing new KPIs…

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