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As a follow on to our Marketing Operations Index study performed in 2017, we have just finished data collection from 73 top law firms across North America to benchmark the maturity of their Marketing Operations.

Through the use of data, analytics, technology and process management, Marketing Operations seeks to increase marketing / BD efficiency and organizational agility and to measure how the function supports revenue growth.

Calibrate’s Marketing Operations Index maps the maturity of Marketing Operations at participating law firms across seven categories:

  1. Business Alignment and Accountability
  2. Performance Management
  3. Data
  4. Business Processes
  5. Revenue Enablement
  6. Systems and Technology
  7. Talent and Knowledge

The 2023 research benchmarks law firms against a common set of leading business practices used by high-performing marketing and business development organizations across all major industries. Participating firms will be able to request an individualized report showing how their responses compare to the industry. The study is expected to be published in Q2 of 2023.

Get In Touch

Didn’t have an opportunity to participate in the study? Contact us to learn how you can still be involved or to learn more about the research.

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