Jason M. Kennedy

Operational Excellence Consultant

Jason brings a unique combination of in-house, consulting, and corporate B2B marketing expertise to every project. A career marketer, he gradually made the transition from focusing on traditional Marketing Communications to Marketing Operations and Analytics.

The Marketing Scientist

As law firm marketing teams adopt a data-driven strategy, Jason is at the forefront of helping firms identify the scope, tools and personnel needed to demonstrate true value from the marketing department. Using this approach, Jason developed the concept of the Marketing Scientist: a blend of Marketing Operations and Data Analysis skill sets that enables other marketers on the team to harness true insights from the vast amount of data available within the MarTech stack.

Marketing Operations

As a former Director of Marketing Operations at an Am Law 100 firm, Jason is intimately familiar with the MarTech stack and the type of talent needed to evaluate and maintain the various technologies and their outputs.

Digital Transformation

Jason’s background includes working in digital marketing within several industries outside of legal, including Accounting, Ecommerce, SaaS and even Rock ‘n Roll. He has seen and worked within several teams featuring a strong Digital Marketing function and can identify the workflow and personnel needs to kickstart your own digital transformation.


Based out of Nashville, Jason has a bachelor’s degree in marketing management from the University of Memphis as well as an MBA and master’s degree in Marketing Analytics from the University of Alabama. He owns way too many guitars.